6 Signs You’ve Found ‘The One’

Ah, sweet love. Is there anything quite like it?

The happy little feeling that makes the earth go around.

You know, besides money?

Well, we all have the ability to fall in love with someone. Many people have strong relationships with someone they love, but separate after a few months, or years.

So, you may be in a relationship, things are going well, ya love each other. But how do you know if you’ve found ‘The One?’

-I’m not talking about Neo here in The Matrix.

So get the devilishly handsome Keanu Reeves out of your mind!


Gosh he’s dreamy.

To help you out, I’ve gathered a list of six signs someone is meant just for you.

1. They Support Your Dreams

Not only does your partner support the little decisions you make in your life, but they’re there to support you on the journey to your lifelong dreams.

If your partner is not only your number one fan, but actively building something together with you, whether that be a business or building a home together, they’re more likely to be ‘The One.’

According to psychological research Dr. John Gottman, couples tend to last longer and have a stronger relationship when they build something together that is meaningful to them both.

Truth is, someone who truly cares for us and loves us, isn’t selfish all the time. They genuinely respect you and care what’s going on in your life and want to help you achieve any goals you have along the way. They’ll be rooting you along the whole time.

2. They Alter Your Brain Just by Thinking of Them!

We all know love makes us feel all happy and fuzzy inside. But what if ‘The One’ does much more to our brains by thinking of them?

If you find yourself thinking of your love even when they’re not around, your relationship is on a strong path.

According to research from New York’s Stony Brook University, real romantic attachment can alter one’s biochemical reactions in their brains.

So, if you can’t get your partner out of your mind, and you gain a sense of euphoria just thinking of them in the process, they may just be ‘The One.’

3. You Can’t Wait to Introduce Them to Your Friends & Family

If you have a partner who you just can’t wait to introduce to your closest friends and family, things are looking good!

When we feel strongly about someone, and things are just right, we want to not only introduce them to the ones we love, but get their support and feedback on the person as well.

According to a study published in 2014, support marshalling for romantic relationships is normal, especially if you can’t stop thinking about them.

We want our closest friends and our family to root for the one we love as much as we root for them. Getting their feedback and security is a stepping stone into moving the relationship into a much more deeper place.

The thing is, when we bring a partner to our family for their feedback and acceptance, we are likely subconsciously looking for the ‘ok’ to move things further to a more serious commitment.

Once they give you the ‘ok,’ what’s holding you back from further commitment?

4. You’ve Started Using ‘We’ and ‘Us’

Once the pronouns change, there’s no turning back. You’re in a relationship.

In fact, according to research from the University of Texas at Austin, couples who have a strong bond will more often use plural pronouns.

So if you go from the singular pronouns to the ‘we’ and ‘us’, somethings goin on. And it may just be true love.

5. They’ve Moved On From Past Heartbreak


It can be pretty obvious when a partner isn’t over their ex. If they continue to talk about their ex in a longing way, or if they talk about them disrespectfully as if they still hold a grudge, something else could be going on there. They may still have feelings for them.

‘The One’ is only going to have you in their sights. They won’t be thinking about their ex often, and instead, their mind will be on you.

Remember sign number two? If you’re thinking about your partner often and it makes you feel happy and fuzzy inside, they should be thinking of you too. Not their ex.

6. You ‘Get’ Each Other and Connect

There are dates when you understand and ‘get’ each other on a surface level, and then there are the deeper connections.

If you’ve found ‘The One,’ it’s likely they actually get you on a deeper level. You share the same ideas, core values, and genuinely like who they truly are. Everything about them you love. Their personality, their little flaws, you all love them as a part of them.

I mean, hey, things can be annoying sometimes, but that doesn’t stop you from loving them and it’s not always on your mind.

If they’re ‘The One’ the little things don’t drive you crazy, and instead are just another imperfection you love about them.


So, do you think you’ve found ‘The One?’ Do you get butterflies just thinking of them? Is your heart all warm and fuzzy just thinking of them? Do they alter your brain chemistry forever?!

Well, take it easy. It’s one thing to feel happy when you think of them, but if they’re in there like Dr. Frankenstein fixing themselves a bride, run for the hills!

Ah, sweet, monster love.

Written by Michal Mitchell

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