9 Characters Who May Have Undiagnosed Mental Disorder

Truly, these fictional characters have been loved by all, but amidst the epic story lines and amazing plots, some character tropes get away from us, and there are certain characters that may have undiagnosed mental illnesses. Trust, that we are not professionals and this list is based from information, observation and speculation that may have a grain of truth to it. So get on your thinking caps and hope you enjoy the list as much as we did making it!

James March of American Horror Story: Hotel

James March is a truly interesting character, played by Evan Peters in the 5th installment of the American Horror Story Franchise. March is the builder and the original owner of Hotel Cortez, but also is a notorious serial killer during his life. What’s so interesting about his character is that shows this child-like fascination about what he does, which is also one of the tell-tale signs of someone who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. People who suffer from this disorder have a predatory attitude towards other people and they often have a chronic indifference from the needs and emotions of other people. March is a brilliant example of a person who suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder, as he shows no remorse over shedding blood. He had confessed that drugs do not satisfy him, so he went on to killing people. He has no regard over his safety and is rather impulsive with his actions. It’s amazing to think what kind of story is behind this interesting character. Only time (and the episodes) will tell.

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  1. All the Winnie the Pooh character have mental disorders it’s a thing they did I think on purpose Piglet is already diagnosed


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