How To Overcome Social Anxiety

People have social anxiety and it’s normal. Specially in odd environments like that cafe you’ve never been in or that meeting with people you’ve never met.

However, having social anxiety in some moments is different from having social anxiety disorder so let’s begin!


1: Get To Know Where You Are Or Will Be At 

Knowing more about the current environment where we find ourselves in is a way of feeling more familiar with that atmosphere, it helps giving a feeling of belonging. 


2: Having In Mind Things That You Can Possibly Talk About 

Being well informed can assist us when having to talk to other people, there are some subjects that pretty much anyone talks. Reading or watching the news, Is a great way to collect information!

3: Listen 

We like to feel validated and having people around who are able to listen to what we say shows respect and credibility. Doing the same for others is an amazing start to feel appreciated for those who we’re giving our time to.


4: Try To Be More Present

Although it’s easy to disconnect from the moment, getting in tune with the ones around us creates better rapport.


5: Practice

There’s no other way to become better at socializing than socializing. Things can get better with time and practice!

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