There Are 9 Types of Intelligence, Which One Are You?

You receive your report card in the mail. And with a hesitation, you open the envelope and read out your doom:


In not one, but two classes.

Yeah, you’re not the greatest at math, or art history, but does that mean you’re simply not intelligent?

Turns out, our GPA or our IQ score are not the only way we can measure our intelligence.

In 1983, Howard Gardener, an American developmental psychologist, came up with nine types of intelligence that people may have. Each category is an area you may excel in, and you may be intelligent in more categories than one!

Here are the nine types of intelligence, according to psychologist Howard Gardener. What type are you?

1. Naturalist Intelligence

If you’re intelligent as a naturalist, then you have a knack for identifying patterns in your natural surroundings. Your sensitive to everything nature and can benefit as a hunter gatherer or farmer. This is a vital form of intelligence for our ancestors who needed to hunt and survive to provide for their family, out in nature on their own.

2. Musical Intelligence

You have a calling towards music. You are able to discern tone, rhythm and pitch from the music you are listening to. As a musical intellect you can easily repeat a phrase or piece of music from what you’ve heard. You may be great at math as well, as music and math have been said to have similar thought processes.

Odds are, you excel in music. Not only can you reproduce the music you’ve just heard but have a talent for creating and writing your own music as well. Also, you have such a great musical intelligence that if you play an instrument, you likely can play by ear. You simply have an ear for sounds and music that others do not.

Pencil drummers and musical theatre singers unite!

3. Logical Mathematical Intelligence

You are often caught in abstract symbolic thought. Formulas and reasoning skills are your expertise. In reasoning, you often us inductive and deductive thinking patterns. Not only do you love strategy games and math problems, but odds are you’ve been begging your older sister to participate in your wacky science experiments for years now.

You’d excel as a mathematician, detective, and scientist.

4. Existential Intelligence

Why are we still here? Just… to suffer…

Every night, I can feel… my leg…

Don’t play video games? Never mind the private joke then… ☹

If you are an existential intellect, you indulge in life’s existential questions. Although they may not have a definitive answer, your philosophical questions keep you up at night, and your theories are worthy enough to be published. I mean, at least in your eyes, you’re a genius!

Your thoughts, ideas, and hypotheses are all centered around life, the symbolic meaning of it all, and the meaning of life.

Why are we here? What is our purpose? What does it all mean? Why am I asking so many questions??

5. Interpersonal Intelligence

You just get people. You simply do. And this is an invaluable trait to have. Not only do you take into account different sides to a story easily, but you understand different perspectives and can put yourself in another’s shoes.

You read emotions well from others, and odds are you can spot if someone is being genuine or not. You are empathetic and great at socializing with others on a deeper level. You would do great in a social work field, teacher, or perhaps as an actor.

6. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Your mind and body are one, and you feel this energy and communication directly. You are a special soul who uses the power of the mind and body in unison to achieve your goals.

Basically, you’re great with timing, motor skills, athletics, and dancing. Perhaps you are a great dancer, or maybe you excel in the athletic field, you may even have the talents to be a great surgeon if studied. Whatever it is, your mind and body are one in harmony and your physical skills are unmatched by your friends.

7. Linguistic Intelligence

You have a vast vocabulary, think deep thoughts in paragraphs or monologues, and can understand and pick up the subtle differences in meaning. You enjoy reading, writing, and the beauty of language and words.

You can also learn languages easier and learn new words faster than others.

A lot of linguistic intellects work as journalists, poets, novelists, public speakers, and simply writers!

8. Intra-personal Intelligence

You are at one with yourself. Your mind is your safe haven, and you understand your thoughts and feelings at a deeper level than others.

Aware of who you are and what you want, you can be self-motivated towards productivity and change for the better. You can motivate yourself by being your own motivational coach! You make goals and can achieve them faster and easier because of how in tuned you are with what you want and accepting of who you are.

People who are intra-personal intelligent make great psychologists, philosophers, and spiritual guides. They may even be shy and quiet, but it’s probably because they are simply thinking and sorting through these thoughts and ideas in their mind.

9. Spatial Intelligence

Your perspective and viewpoint are unique. You see things like no other and are a mental map. You are not only great with directions, but likely learn more under teachings that involve visual learning. You enjoy puzzles and mazes in your free time and excel in drawing and painting as well. Your thought process is in three dimensions and you may have an artistic skill and expansive imagination because of this.

If you possess spatial intelligence, you may do wonders in the role of a sculptor, painter, sailor, pilot, or architect.


So, there are the nine types of intelligence and some of the fields you may thrive in if you are an intellect in any of those nine types! Did you relate to any of these types of intelligence?

If so, leave a comment and let me know what type of intelligence you are.

Thanks for reading!


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Written by Michal Mitchell

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