8 Signs Someone’s Going to Ghost You

Picture this: you’ve just met your perfect match. You go on a date, maybe two. Perhaps you’re exchanging texts every day, flirting back and forth, exchanging emoji’s, exchanging memes. This guy is serious.

Or so you think…

But then suddenly, they stop texting you, stop returning your calls, and it’s as if they’ve disappeared out of thin air!

Hate to break it to you. But this picture I’m helping you paint in your head? It’s a classic sign of ghosting!

It may be a familiar portrait. Have you been ghosted before? Are you tired of it? Do you have reason to believe your new ‘perfect match’ may stop sending you sweet texts, adorable emoji’s, and extremely relatable memes?!

Then do I have the list for you!

Don’t worry, I got your back.

Here are “8 Signs Someone’s Going to Ghost You”

1. Their Texts Are Brief

Were you two texting nonstop once before? And it seemed you could never run out of things to share?

But now… instead of replying with an interesting, honest – or hey, even a complete sentence – text, they respond with a quick: “good”.

If this happens frequently, it could mean they’re just not interested in fleshing out their thoughts or feelings in an answer because they’re preparing to ghost you.

What’s even worse is the forbidden:


With no response.

They’ve read your message, typed a little something, only to not reply? Classic sign of ghosting.

You’ve been warned.

2. Just Emoji Responses

Everyone loves emoji’s! …Right?

And I mentioned before that sending adorable emoji’s is not a bad thing!

But what if it’s just emoji’s?

You write out a thoughtful, personal text. You pour your soul into this message. You even add a photo of your day at the park, a hilarious joke worthy of a ‘lol’ or even a ‘lmao’. You even go as far to add that relatable meme that now relates to your situation. Remember? The memes you two bonded over?

You ponder: have I ever put this much love and effort into a text?

Your joke is so stellar you should be a comedian.

Your photo at the park is so magnificent you should be a god dang photographer.

Screw Andy Warhol, screw Jerry Seinfield! You are the best after writing this text.

And don’t even get me started on the magnificent glory that is the meme you sent.

And what do they reply with?


One. Simple. Laugh emoji.

-Just one! Not two. Not three. Not even the common courtesy of four.

Sigh. I’m sure you know what this means. They’re ghosting you.

Truth is, an emoji is an easy response when you don’t really care or know what to say. And usually if that’s how they feel, the ghosting will soon follow.

This isn’t always the case though. Emoji’s are normal. But if it’s all they are sending? Now’s the time to recognize the sign.

Have them reach out to you first next time. Which brings me to my next point.

3. You Always Reach Out

Are you the one doing all the talking? Are you the one initiating the texting?

Although you may have hit it off at first, things are dwindling down and now they only write you when you first message them.

What’s up with that??

Well, this is simply just another sign of ghosting. If they are interested in texting you, they’ll text.

4. Poor Grammar and Spelling

You write: “How are you?”

Did they once compose their messages as if they were writing a novel? Or an award-winning poem?

Ah, what splendid wonder.

Now they reply with: “gud rn. Im a lil busy/ R U 2?”

Sigh. Yep. They’re deflating. At this point, the preparations for ghosting have already begun.

They don’t put as much thought or even effort into their messages because they may not be interested anymore.

Now, there are other reasons for their language to change. If you are still hanging out often, if they still text and call you, and all feels good, then maybe they are just getting comfortable with you.

This could be their real side! I mean it’s not poetry, but they don’t seem to be ghosting. They’re just a lil busy! 😀

If something does feel off, it could be either the early signs of ghosting, or it may be the start of you being shifted into the friend zone.

5. They’re Always ‘Busy’ and Cancel Plans or Don’t Make Them.

It’s usually true that if you don’t hang out with a person, (and you’re not cancelling or avoiding their attempts), odds are they don’t care to hang out with you.

I mean, when people first become friends, or are unsure if they like each other, that time can possibly be tricky and take time to sort out. Some people are shy, and others may want to take things slow. Some are just genuinely be busy!

But if you once hung out or went on dates often, and now those meetings have come to an unexpected halt, then they might be ghosting you.

If this is a close friendship that has unexpectedly been paused for no apparent reason, it may be a good idea to reach out and address the issue to see if something is going on with your friend or partner’s personal life that they just aren’t taking about.

As much as there are signs, some situations can be different. Go with your gut on this one.

6. Something Doesn’t Feel Right

Go with your gut, right? Well, if something isn’t quite feeling right about your relationship, ghosting may be in your future.

Our instincts are usually right. Our bodies and minds are trying to key us in on something!

Maybe your partner is acting different lately. Maybe their texts did shift drastically in tone.

It’s best to dig deep inside yourself and see how you feel on the whole situation. What does your gut tell you?

7. You Haven’t Been on an Actual Date

You two just love hanging out on the sofa and watching movies, you often grab a quick bite together by ordering through the drive-thru. You’ve mostly texted as compared with a date at a restaurant or movie theater. Netflix and chill is always your go-to.

If you’re looking for something more… well, where is it?

Where’s that ‘first date’ that they promised you? When they call, is it always full reservations at that restaurant you’ve been dying to go to together? Do they always feel like staying home and binge-watching that next season of some Netflix show you started together? Does something always come up at work and they have to cancel and stick to, yet again, another quick drive-thru at some fast-food joint?

Well, I love McDonalds just as much as the next, but I can tell you that doesn’t sound like an enthralling date to me.

Hey! I love binge-watching TV shows any day. Starting a show together and staying in for the evening? Sounds fricken adorable. But when you haven’t really been on that ‘first date’ you’ve so been looking forward to and it’s been…

I don’t know, tell me. How long has it been?

My point is! Odds are they don’t want that first date to really happen because they may not be as invested in the relationship as you are. What follows next? Possible ghosting.

Oh yeah, and let’s be honest. A fun ‘evening out’ in these times is pretty much everyone staying home on their couch during the pandemic. So… don’t count this one if you can’t go out.

Stay safe everyone. Stay safe.

8. They Aren’t Introducing You to Friends or Family

Now, not everyone is introduced to friends and family early on in dating. That can be normal.

But how early is early?

If they’re keeping you a secret from everyone they know, it doesn’t sound like they’re interested in a committed relationship. This lack of commitment and placement in their personal life, may mean they plan to ghost you in the future. Beware!

If you find out they haven’t mentioned you to friends or family at all. Not even in the slightest…

What’s up with that!?

I’m just trying to keep you safe from the treacherous ghosting that may soon follow your relationship. Don’t blame me if I get emotional. I care about you.

We’re friends, remember? I mean, until this article is finished. After that, then…


Written by Michal Mitchell

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @jackycoocoo for more articles, celebrity interviews, original poetry and more.


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