How to: Not Be Affected By Other People’s Opinions About You

We have to deal with people since day one of our life, so throughout time we’ll encounter all kinds of people with all kinds of mindsets and viewpoints. Each one of them will have their own way to see things but it does not mean that we should feel directly affected by what they think about us.

I’ll tell you why!


1: No One Really Knows Everything About You

The process of discovering who we are as human beings takes time and sometimes not even ourselves have the answers for things like what we like and don’t like, what we want to do and what we don’t want to do. So it’s absolutely pointless to assume that other people have the power to know what’s the best for us or if we’re succeeding or not.


2: You Worth More Than Critics 

Every and each critic come from mean sources are never considerable. The people who really worth our ears are not the people who try to “help” us with bad-natured observations but the people who are kind and honest in their opinions, even though their opinions might not always be right as we’re the ones who should have the final word about ourselves 100% of the time.


3: We make mistakes

It’s totally fine to make mistakes, it’s natural and healthy. We are not what’s done wrong or right, our failures or accomplishments.

Look inside and out, find what is valuable to YOU! What brings joy and meaning to your life, that is what will keep you motivated and excited, not what others think you should have or be doing.


4: It’s Never Personal

The feedback (sometimes very much not required) that people give us aren’t really about us. The way they feel and  see the world is not our responsibility.

So, when it comes to comments about ourselves it’s never really reliable as they’re coming from a place of unawareness of what and who they’re talking about. At the end of the day, it’s our mission to evaluate ourselves and be in peace with who we are.





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