Self Care Tips For Eating Disorders Recovery

Stepping into recovery requires braveryit’s a decision over life instead of survival and as it’s a challenging time for all of ushere are some self care tips on eating disorders recovery.


Avoid What Triggers You

TV shows, YouTube channels, IG profiles and even close people can be dangerous sources of insecurity and doubt. Set some boundaries!


Focus On The Good 

Many days we’ll be faced with anxiety and guilt, it’s ok to feel down but recovery is a way out to freedom. If it’s possible to maintain an eating disorder it’s possible to maintain recovery.


Give Yourself What You Need

During times of extreme lack our body starts to storage as much as it can because it simply doesn’t know when food will come again. Be comprehensive when hunger approaches.


Be With Positive People 

Surround yourself with understandingrespectful and patient peopleDuring recovery we tend to shut down a lot and being around loving people will make the journey less difficult.

Don’t Mirror Check

Checking on our body image won’t help in the process of recovering from an eating disorder so don’t try old clothes and don’t analyse pictures. Also, try to stay away from balances because those numbers won’t do any good to us.

Be Constant  

The longer we’re in recovery the heavier it getsthe process doesn’t become lighter as time flies by so don’t stop, it’s about overcoming one challenge at a time until the thick skin grows!


Don’t Think Forward 

Do it for noweat it for nowrest just for nowDon’t think about what you’ll have to eat for dinner. Accomplish your current goal and keep on goingone meal at a time.

Start Again If Needed 

It’s alright to fail, in recovery we fail all the time, we fall but we get back up againevery time. 

If we didn’t succeed yesterday we can try again today and tomorrow and the next day too. 


During this very odd time, we tend to have our routines messed up and sometimes it feels like nothing else makes sense, being in recovery while all of this is going on is extra difficult so be patient and loving to yourself. We can do it!

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