8 Things That Aren’t Worth Your Time in Life

Sometimes in life, we invest too much of our energy and time into things that don’t really bring us any satisfaction or reward. More importantly, they don’t bring us a positive response.

So… why are we putting our time into them?

What is it that’s keeping us there? Whether it’s a situation, habit, or person you are wasting your time with, it’s best to hold the positive things that make you happy close to you. As for the things that are negative? It’s time to let those go.

In case you need a reminder as to what it is you should let go of, here are eight situations, habits, things that are just not worth your time.

1. Being a Perfectionist

Have you ever spent a great deal of time focusing on a project or idea of yours that you knew would be just perfect if you got it just right?

It’s the most amazing piece of art, final essay, business project, or performance of your life! You are either so obsessed with making sure it’s perfect that you spend too much time on it and perhaps overthink it, which leads to the project not being what you wanted in the first place. Or, you’re afraid of it never being just how you wanted it, so you don’t progress on it, or start in the first place.

Perhaps this fear of the project needing to be perfect makes you avoid it all together? More so, if you overthink any task you want ‘perfect’, that constant analyzing, and criticism of your own work will prevent any ounce of you being put into the project.

Instead what you’ll end up with is an overthought, uncharacterized version of something you didn’t intend. How can you put yourself and your personality into your work when you are constantly criticizing and over-perfecting any attempt you make?

They often say: “practice makes perfect,” but sometimes our criticism of what we do can make our work void of what makes it our work.

It’s best to do the task and hold back the intense criticism and perfectionism. Hey, being a perfectionist can have its rewards, but also its setbacks, that is if you spend too much unneeded time and strain on something you’re probably overthinking.

Does that make sense?

Or am I overthinking things?

2. Living in Regret and Constantly Pitying Yourself


Life sucks. …Sometimes. But that’s not a reason to live in regret and pity! You may be pondering your existence and pivotal past choices.

But, if we live in regrets all the time, about any choice, we’re living in the past. How are we supposed to build a future if we are always regretting our past?

Also, most of the things we think of as now ‘too late’ to act on? I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s not too late.

Wouldn’t you rather simply do that thing you’re regretting you never did? Like learn to ride a motorcycle? Or become a chef? Or learn the banjo??

3. Being Offended, and Holding Onto It

People can hurt your feelings and be rude. But these people and things aren’t worth our time. We tend to subconsciously hold onto these comments and rude statements. And although we say they don’t get to us, they can find their way back to us and crawl inside our brains, nesting there.

These people, ideas, or comments that offend us can pile up to the point where we waste our thoughts, time, and energy on them.

Ask yourself: why am I focusing on the negative things? Why am I holding onto them?

Isn’t holding onto these thoughts and replaying them in your mind simply going to replay that negative action as if it’s happening all over again?

And if we constantly have offensive things being retold or replayed in our mind, where’s the room for positivity?

We are what we eat, same goes for our minds. We are what we think.

If someone offends you, stand up for yourself. Don’t let people walk over you, but don’t let it get to you personally. They aren’t worth your time or energy.

4. Being Who Other’s Want You to Be

People will often give you a hint on who they expect you to be.

Some people will tell you to change, sometimes into someone entirely different than who you are to your core.

Think about it, do they want you to progress together as human beings towards something you love? Or are they transforming you into their ideal person that fits their needs.

Whether they want the perfect friend, the perfect child, or the perfect spouse, these ideas of perfection are their own and it might be simply what fits what they want in their life. Which, might not be you.

If they are trying to change you entirely, along with your personality, you should stand your ground and let them know this is who you are, and you don’t plan on changing what makes you you.

This once again comes to doing what makes you happy. Ignore the negative, live the positive.

Ooh. Sounds like a slogan.

5. Waiting for Inspiration/The ‘Perfect’ Moment

Talk about perfection here! Everyone’s expecting perfection.

Well guess what? It doesn’t exist!

Everyone’s version of perfection is different. So it’s best not to dwell on achieving perfection. Perhaps consider what’s ‘perfect’ to you. Someone’s perfect is another’s imperfect.

So when we are constantly waiting for the perfect moment… why does it never come?

Like… – we’re waiting!

Guess what? That doesn’t exist either!

I mean, there are giant waves of inspiration I receive, but it may not always mean I have to act on them then and only. Sometimes you can start something and then it will lead into the perfect moment.

Create your own!

Because if you keep waiting for that fantastic moment to present a gift, or ask someone out, or complete a task, it might never come.

Sometimes you have to start something and see if that wave of inspiration you’ve been waiting for kicks in.

It just might!

6. Toxic Relationships

You know that friend you have? The one you keep hoping will change?

Odds are, if it’s been long enough – and just, because odds are – they won’t change.

Not everyone wants to, and lots of people will makes promises and fall short, every time.

Words aren’t always action, action is action.

So if you are in a negative relationship with someone who doesn’t make you feel happy, don’t feel pressured into keeping them in your lives, no matter who they are.

If they are going through a hard time, and you care about them enough, try to help them if you care. But, if it’s just down to their personality, and if the relationship is violent or abusive, there’s no need to be hold onto that person.

Let go of the negative and hold onto what makes you happy.

Because honestly, they’re not worth your time.

7. Curing Your Boredom with Social Media, For Hours

Sometimes we’ll find ourselves bored to death that we’ll turn to social media for comfort. Now, I understand binge-watching Netflix or YouTube, although not the healthiest.

But, hours of social media seems even worse. Before you know it you’re on our third hour of Instagram videos and scrolling pointlessly through feed.

Too much of one thing is always bad. But too much of social media doesn’t bring a lot of progress or positivity. And honestly, did you really enjoy every hour of your social media binge?

If you did, social media binges may be a good fit for you, but if you are in zombie mode, try to wake up and move onto a different project so you don’t suffer from internet burn out.

Is that a thing? I think it’s a thing. I don’t know, I’m burnt out as of now to be honest.

8. Not Sticking to Your Opinion and Intuition

Lots of people will tell you what you should think, how you should act, what you should do. This goes back to being who you are and not someone somebody else wants you to be. But sometimes we can be influenced by the subtle things out there.

Ever go to the comments section right after finishing a video? Everyone has an opinion, and sometimes others will be screaming – er, caps-locking – opinions down your throat!

The loudest person in the room isn’t always the right person. And sometimes people will insist they are right, or that you should do something else than what you originally wanted.

It’s best to trust your intuition in most situations. Take a pause, really think about your thoughts and ideas, and when all else fails, what does your gut say?

Probably… that you’re hungry.

But other than that!

Odds are it’s telling you to trust yourself, while staying true to who you are.

So, listen to my advice!

Or, I mean, only if your gut says so…


Written by Michal Mitchell

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @jackycoocoo for more articles, celebrity interviews, original poetry and more.

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